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Happy Halloween

Nothing says October like sweaters, hot drinks, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and the holiday a lot of people love to have fun with… Halloween. This was my first Halloween alone, and some friends have in vided me to their party’s. I decided that I wanted to do something, and just have fun.
   It was Wednesday afternoon 2 weeks before the weekend of Halloween. I figured why not try the malls new Halloween store. It’s a calm day with no crowds, just moms with their kids and the elderly. It’s a easy walk trough to get to the store. It was put in to a store that used to be a clothing store.
The store had the normal items any other store would have. I didn’t see any one at the register as I walked in. Probably in the back or somewhere in here. I walk to the left to see cops and robber items, fallowed by Nintendo things, after that was some Five Nights at Freddy’s stuff. I laughed and picked up the big bear helmet/head chuckled.

“Have you played any of the games?” a sweet voice said
I turned around and saw a beautiful women with slim glasses, amazing brown eyes, and she had long black hair with crimson red streaks tied in a bun. She was around my height 5’4 5’5? She was also dressed as a big teddy bear.
“I tried the first game, but I cant do point and click jump scares. I scream like a little girl” I say with a laugh.
“Gotch’ya. But at least you tried. The names Sam.” She said with a smile.
“I’m Dan. “I smiled back
“so how can I help you today” she asked
“just playing with things right now, like a kid in a toy store” I joked
She laughed “ I can understand that, if you need anything let me know”
“I will, thanks” I replied smiling.
She walked off to help another customer in the store. I put down the mask and continued to walk the store. I couldn’t shake the thought of her out of my head. She was just so… amazing.

I walked around the store, and headed towards the front to leave. I was hoping to run in to Sam again, but I guess she’s busy.

“didn’t find anything?” I head her voice as I was a few feet away.
“I got some ideas” I turned around happily. But this time she wasn’t wearing the Bear costume, she was in regular clothing but their was something ales. She was very pregnant
Sam was wearing uggs, blue jeans, a grey tank top witch showed off her belly very nice, and a button shirt over that. I could feel my self get nervous. Pregnancy has always been a thing. But I never told anyone.
“so what are you up to now?” she asked
“Um, not sure. What about you?” I replied
“on my way out, mind walking me to my car?” she questioned
“ Sure, you got it” I answered.
We began walking to the west parking Gurage. We weren’t walking to fast, she didn’t have to much of a waddle, but it was slightly there. It was a good long solid minute be fore the silence was broken.
“So Dan, what do you like to do?” she asked
“Well I like to use my ps4, and watch different shows and game. Not really much” I reply.
“ nice we should play some time. What games you play some time” she smiles.
“what about you?” I question kind of nervously
“well as you may I have noticed I am pregnant,” she rubs her belly “at this point, besides work I usually just go home and game, or watch shows.” She smiles.
By that time we exited the mall and were out side. We stop and she pulls out her keys, and we continue to walk. Not knowing where we ere going.
I look over at her and say, “your boyfriend/husband must be excited.”
She replies with “OH NO, I’m not with anyone. I’m doing this for a friend. She’s cant have kids, told her I’d help. That’s who I’m going to meet.”
“That’s nice of you, you pretty cool.” I replied.
“Thanks you are too. Well here we are.” We arrived at a blue Chevy sonic.
Thanks for the company” she said happily.
“No biggie, say what are you doing this Saturday night?” I asked with a bag of bricks in my stomach.
“um, I get off work at 5 why?” she said with a smirk
“mind helping me with finding a costume. I could use some help.” I ask
She stairs at me with a look that’s like a knife slicing trough butter. And she pulls out a pen and some paper from her car. She wrights down a bunch of numbers, and hands it to me.
She smiles and hands me the paper, ”here’s my number. Call me later, and well iron out the details.”
I take the paper and smile replied “cool will do”
She gets and her car, and starts it. She pulls out of the space, waves , and slowly drives off. I look at the number and put it in to my cell. Thinking on the event that just happened got me to smile. Maby things aren’t so bad about parties on Halloween.
So ive been here for a while now, havnt said much i know, sorry. Well, i decided to staet wringing stories, keep an eye out :-)


United States

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